How To Use Pikashow To Watch TV Channels

how to Pikashow To Watch TV Channels

Yes, of course, you can use Pikashow to Watch TV channels. It doesn’t ask for any subscription payment, and there is no issue when you use Pikashow to Watch live TV channels. Pikashow works like other OTT platforms, but it’s a little tricky to use as you can’t download directly through the Google Play Store; how? So today, in this blog, we will let you know how to use Pikashow to Watch TV Channels, but before, we need to know how to download. You can learn about Pikashow from our home page, too.

Well, we have a saturated audience, and all have their own choice of entertainment. Some people love to watch videos on mobile, play games, gossip, or other activities. In mobile videos, you can watch movies, OTT web series, TV serials, or Sports. How great it would be if we could get all these facilities in one application, and yes, it is possible with Pikashow APK. This application is widely used to watch Hollywood & Bollywood films and TV shows for free in HD quality.

When we talk about the alternative application of the Pikashow to watch TV Channels, then yes, there are many applications that work like Pikashow. You can use iBomma or Stream India APK, which works like Pikashow to watch live TV Channels. You can stop paying monthly subscriptions to watch live TV Channels. In that Pikashow, you will find many TV Channels to watch online movies, World Cup matches, and many others. 

Types of Genres Does Pikashow Has – 

Movies Channels: There are many channels when we talk about dish TV, but we are paying monthly subscription payments to watch these channels while they are free to watch over Pikashow. You can find Zee Cinema, Zee Classic, or many other movie channels in that application. And you don’t need to pay any monthly fee to use Pikashow To Watch TV Channels.

Serial Channels: Yes, you can find many serial channels on that application. If you don’t want to miss your serial, then yes, you can watch them in that application. But it would be best if you learned first how to use Pikashow To watch TV Channels. After that, you can use it easily.

Sports Channels: Are you looking to watch the latest sports but don’t know where to watch freely? Then you can use Pikashow to watch TV Channels for sports. It has many channels which are free to watch. In the current, you can watch the World Cup 2023, too.

There are more Genres, but you can still download that application. First, you need to know how to use Pikashow To watch TV channels.

How to Use Pikashow To Watch TV Channels – 

Watching TV shows on mobile is a very cool & time-saving feature. If you are free for one hour & away from your home or your TV, how can you watch the ongoing TV serial or Sport or your favorite news anchor? In that case, Pikashow is the only solution where you will get all your stuff on time. So, keep Pikashow in your pocket, and you will never miss your entertainment shows as you can use Pikashow To Watch TV Channels.

You need to download Pikashow first, but it’s a little bit tricky to download that application. You can’t download as quickly as the other applications. Firstly, you need to download the APK files for that application and install them through APK files. You can also learn How to Install APK Files. After installation, you can see the application on your mobile. 

After downloading, you need to open that application. When you open the application, you will see the four options in the beginning to navigate you to the desired category, such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Web Series & Live TV. Beside all these buttons, you will see sliding banners of recently added or trending stuff on the application. For TV shows, you should go to the last button & where you will get all the trendy TV channels like Sports, TV Shows, News or Indian reality shows.

When we talk about channel lists, then it has many kinds of channel lists, and we can’t explain all of them here. We will describe them into genres that what genre channels does Pikashow has to Watch TV channels. It has multiple genres or TV channels to watch without any subscription. And it has many channel so you can use Pikashow to Watch TV channels.

Necessity Features while Watching TV Shows –

When you are in your comfort zone, you will demand more comfort. Likewise, when you watch TV Shows on your mobile application, you like if you have a lock screen button, brightness & volume high-low button. These features are also available on the Pikashow application, which makes your video play experience smooth. Let’s read more about the other features of the application. And you can use Pikashow to watch TV channels.

Easily navigate –

In starting when you enter the Live TV section, you will get a list of TV channels with the name & logo of the channel. Sometimes, it might need to be clarified, but it has the option to segregate the channels into Sports, News or Reality Shows, which is right down side & has eight options for TV Shows, Sports, Songs, & more. Besides this, you can also search your desired TV channels through the search button upper left corner of the screen. If you are new to Pikashow, you can easily reach out to your TV channel. So it’s easy or free way to watch TV Channels, as you can use Pikashow to Watch TV Channels.

On Screen Features – 

In this application, you have seven on-screen features for your comfort. When you keep the phone in hand during the video play, sometimes it happens that the unwanted click on the screen & results the disturbance in the video play. You can lock the video screen to protect it from unwanted touches. Apart from this, other on-screen features are listed below – 

  1. Full screen and mini player to play the video on full screen or in a small corner of your screen, which is helpful for multitasking. You can use your rest screen portion for your other work during the video play.
  2. Add subtitles on the videos as well if you have them available. You can also search for it online to add to your video. 
  3. Video speed also can be adjusted to 1x for normal play and 0.75 or 1.25 for slow speed or fast speed, respectively. 
  4. The settings icon will help you to adjust your video quality; if you are on high internet speed, you can choose the HD quality & if you are on slow internet can select the low quality. It also has the auto button & it will adjust your video quality as per the internet speed.

These features will make your video play easy & peaceful so that you can enjoy your screen time.

Conclusion –

The Pikashow app is no less than a miracle, so everyone should download this application on their Android phones and you can use Pikashow to Watch TV Channels. iPhone users are very happy after reading this because the application is made only for Android mobiles. Apple phones do not allow to use of unknown source applications. Rest this application is the best for your time-pass when you are away from your TV & movie or TV lover.

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