How to Download Pikashow For PC Through Bluestacks

You can’t install Pikashow directly as it’s a bundle of APK files that don’t run on a PC. For PC, you need to .exe file extensions to run any software. But Pikashow is an application so it has a bundle of files in APK file extensions that run into Android that you can download from Pikasohd. But if you are downloading Pikashow for PC, then you need to install Emulator first to run Pikashow. And Bluestack is the biggest and fastest Emulator.

Many people are using Bluestacks on their PCs or Laptops for the advantage of Android Phones. So, we are comfortable operating Bluestacks, or you can download Bluestacks for free from any Chrome or Firefox. This application will provide the kind of virtual Mobile in your PC with Play Store and many other applications. You can use this method to download Pikashow for PC and all Windows versions like 7, 8, 10, and 11.

  • First, you need to download Bluestacks from any websites available on search engines. Just type Download Bluestacks, and it is free to download.
  • Once the download is completed, start the installation process like other applications.
  • Now, Open Bluestacks and go home to find the Play Store.
  • Go to Google Play Store, find PikaShow for PC, and install it from the right place.

You can also import APK files in Bluestacks to install Pikashow, and you do not need to visit the Google Play Store but read the instructions on how to import APK in Bluestacks.

How to Download through NOX

NOX is very similar to Bluestacks; you can download it online, like Bluestacks, for free. NOX converts your Windows to Android without impacting the speed of your computer. Also, the download and installation process through NOX is the same as Bluestacks, as it also has a Play Store to download applications. But you can download Pikashow For PC from our website and import the APK file in NOX. Read and follow the guide for the importing process in NOX and enjoy premium videos for free.

Download and Installation Process of Pikashow on Windows 11

After knowing other ways, it sounds easy to download and install Pikashow on a PC, but this installation method is a little harder than others. As Windows 11 is the most advanced and secure version, we must follow a proper guide and requirements. So, let us start the process with requirements –

  • RAM: 8 GB; Processor: Intel Core i3 8th Gen, AMD Ryzen 3000, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8c.
  • Storage: SSD required; MS App: v22110.1402.6.0 or higher.
  • Windows 11: Build 22000.526 or higher.

Before installing, you must turn on Windows features and Enable VM (Virtual Machine) by clicking on the VM platform. Now go to Microsoft, search for Amazon Appstore, and download it on your computer. After doing this, you will be asked to restart your computer several times.

  • After your PC’s final restart, please find the Amazon Play store and sign in with your account.
  • Search for Pikashow Live TV, click on the download button, and follow the instructions for the installation process.


Can we run any application except Pikashow on a PC?

Yes, you can install any application if you are going to install an APK file on your PC. All the installation will be the same after downloading the Pikashow for PC or any other APK files for PC.

Why can’t find it in Bluestack Playstore?

You can’t find them in any Play Store neither in the phone Play Store nor in Bluestack Play Store because the Pikashow Database has only copyright material. And Google doesn’t load these types of applications. But you can do them through APK files. 

Can we install it in MAC Too?

Yes, you need to install Bluestack or any Android emulator in your Mac version where you can download the Pikashow APK file.

Conclusion –

Pikashow is the best streaming app for all over the top platforms. Downloading and installing from the Play Store are safe from unwanted malware. Still, as we know, this app is not available on the Play Store like other APK available in the market, such as WhatsApp GB, GB WhatsApp Pro, and many other versions of WhatsApp. So, you need to download it from an unknown source, but there is nothing to worry about. As of now, all devices have their protection in the built system, and if they detect any virus on files, they will not allow you to install it. So keep downloading Pikashow for PC and enjoy unlimited streaming.