What is OTT Platform?

There are many OTT platforms where you can watch movies, TV serials, web series, live matches, etc. It is the world of OTT platform, where you can watch the latest movies & web series. These platforms launched in India around 2015 & capture a vast market. Through these platforms, you can update with all the upcoming films & web series, and it is not limited to Bollywood; you can also watch Hollywood cinema.

There are many OTT Platforms. Some are paid, and some are free. In paid applications, you need to pay monthly subscription fees, and after paying the fee, you can watch any of the videos on these applications, like Hotstar, Netflix, etc. While in free applications, you don’t need to pay any monthly subscription fees and still watch videos on like Pikashow, iBomma, and many others. You can learn about the Pikashow over Pikasohd where you can read about features and instructions to download.

OTT’s complete form is Over the Top. It is the term to show TV and cinema content through a high-speed connection. Here, we have some well-known and most-used OTT platforms such as – Netflix, Hot Star, Amazon Prime, Sony Liv, Zee 5, Voot, Alt Balaji & many more.

What is OTT Platforms –

It is a simple term that means watching videos online. It can be done in two ways: pay to stream or free to stream. In pay stream, the platform subscription charges to show the videos & in free, the platform monetizes through the advertisement play during the video play, and they will not charge the users.

But some platforms have both ways; if the user buys a free subscription, they will need to watch ads, but if they pay a premium, advertisement interruption will be removed.

Types of OTT Platforms:

When we talk about the types of OTT platforms, there are many applications on which you can watch movies online. In simple language, we define these OTT platforms in two types. One is a paid OTT platform, and the other is free. In these OTT platforms, you can find many applications that allow you to watch content online.

You don’t need to buy any monthly subscription to free OTT platforms. You can use it, but you need to install it via APK files due to copyright content. That’s the major issue you will find on these free OTT platforms. Rest assured, it will work the same as paid applications. Here is a list of platforms, some of which are free, and some are paid.

Pikashow: Pikashow is one of the best options if we talk about the OTT platform, and you don’t need to pay any monthly subscription like Hotstar. You can easily download it through APK files and are free to use it. Due to copyright issues, you can’t find it on the Google Play Store. That’s why we download through APK. You can download it from Pikasohd.com.

iBomma: That is another one of the biggest OTT platforms for watching movies online without paying any subscription fee. You must install that application on your mobile device to take advantage of the application. To install that application, you must review iBomma, which you can read before installing.

Netflix: That is the biggest OTT platform, too, but you must pay a monthly subscription. You can watch the latest movies over there, and you can watch live matches too. You can easily download it through the Google Play Store.

Importance of OTT Platforms –

When users use a free-to-access medium to watch cinema, they have to watch ads, which are beneficial for mobile marketers. As we know, the generation shifted to mobile and avoid TV for watching movies & cinema. So, it is the best and most clever way to reach every user & their targeted audience.

The ads are played in two types while you are streaming: one is skippable ads or ads before the video & between the video, and the second is the Service side.

Client Side –

This advertisement will show the ads before the video plays or between the videos. In that case, the video stream will pause for a time & the ads will run. Unless you have a paid subscription or ad blocker, these ads can be ignored.

Service Side –

These are the integrated ads, which cannot be removed either by money or ad blockers. In this, the ads are inserted into the video frames, which cover a good portion of the screen & the video will play in the background.

That is the most effective marketing method if you have worked on your targeted audience. Because you can select the video where you want to show ads per your target audience, it will increase the conversion rate with a high CTR.

Difference Between OTT & Streaming –

OTT stands for the platform that provides content like Disney+, Netflix, YouTube & many more, while the streaming OTT platform transmits the data directly to the user through the internet in real-time.

Difference Between OTT & TV –

In TV, the user should connect with an antenna or cable with their cable operator to watch movies & TV serials. But the OTT will transmit the data directly to the user through the internet & you do not need to attach it with any cable or antenna.

Benefits of OTT?

It was a revolutionary change in the cinema market after the OTT platform arrived in India. After 2015, we almost turned toward the OTT platform, and there are various reasons & advantages as well. These advantages are that the impact is too heavy & the result we all can see around us.

Cost Efficient – These OTTs are more cost-efficient than cable, where you can watch the latest updated movies & web series. Some platforms are free to watch as well.

Content – Video content like movies & web series will arrive on these platforms quickly with original quality. Some OTT platforms produce their films & web series, which are exclusive and only available on these platforms.

Compatibility – These platforms are very user-friendly and compatible with your devices. You can buy a premium subscription to Netflix & share it with your friends, and watch the same content for the price of one.

Conclusion –

You can see the difference after the OTT arrived. A wide range of the population turns to watching web series and their on-demand content. OTT is also beneficial for mobile marketer to grab a good audience for their business or services because all kinds of audiences are here.

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