5 Alternative Apps for Pikashow

Well, we all know about Pikashow, which is the best platform to Watch movies online or free OTT platforms compared to Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and many more. In today’s blog of Pikasohd, you will learn the top 5 alternative apps for Pikashow. Pikashow is one of the best ways to watch movies online, watch live cricket matches, listen to music, watch free channels, and get many other features for free. You don’t need to pay monthly subscriptions like Hotstar or Amazon Prime. But what if it is not working somehow? Are there any alternative apps for Pikashow? Yes, there are so many alternative apps for Pikashow.

We share the five best alternative apps for Pikashow that work similarly and fast. And you can watch worldwide content on them. Stop paying monthly subscription payments to paid OTT platforms while so many free applications are available to watch movies online. Pikashow is one of the best platforms, but there are still many alternative apps for Pikashow to watch movies online when it is not working.

These alternative applications work like Pikashow. You can’t find them or install them from Google Play Store. You need to download through APK files like Pikashow that you can learn from Pikasohd. You can watch the latest and top web series on these applications. We list only five alternative apps for Pikashow, but if you search on Google, you can find many more applications like Pikashow. Here is the list of the top 5 alternative apps for Pikashow.

Why We Need Alternative Apps for Pikashow?

We are not required to download or use alternative apps for Pikashow because Pikashow is the fattest application and has much content to watch online. But still, sometimes, it may be crushing to watch live matches online. In that case, you need to use alternative apps for Pikashow. It’s too hard to find an alternative option during an important match.

Generally, if you are talking about the best application, Pikashow is good to go. But it may crush when you are watching live shows, matches, or other things due to a heavy load. In that case, you should have alternative apps for Pikashow to keep watching that content on your mobile phone. So, through this blog of Pikasohd, you can learn the top 5 best alternative Apps for Pikashow.


iBomma is the biggest and largest app for watching movies online and the best alternative app for Pikashow to use. iBomma is not a famous app, but it has much content available to watch online. It has mostly Telugu movie content, but you can find Hollywood, Bollywood, Web series, or many other content. You can use it in your web browser, too. Also, you can download it on your mobile phone to watch anytime.

To download iBomma, you need to find the APK files, which you can download from APKslink. After downloading, you should need to know how to install APK files. You can install iBomma like Pikashow. So, iBomma is the best alternative app for Pikashow to watch movies, web series, live matches, etc.

Castle App:

That application also works like Pikashow. Before using that alternative app for Pikashow, you should know about the Castle app. In the Castle App, you can watch movies with quality print, and you will get videos in HD print. When you watch online movies, you get frustrated with the quality of the print. But with the help of that application, quality will be higher compared to others.

One of the questions is how to install the Castle application, an alternative app for Pikashow. You can install all of the free OTT platforms through APK files due to copyright content. Because of copyright content, Google doesn’t allow you to list on the Google Play Store. So, the developer creates the APK files for that application, which you can install directly through APK files. You must follow the instructions for the Castle App to install APK files on your mobile phone.

Netflix Mod APK:

You have all heard about Netflix, which is a paid OTT platform, but did you hear about the Netflix Mod APK? You can install that application with the help of APK files, and you don’t need to pay for Netflix. It will work similarly to the original one, and you can unlock your premium version with the help of Netflix Mod APK.

To install Netflix Mod APK, you need to download APK files, which are rarely found, but you can still download them from the Internet. You can uninstall the application if you have already downloaded it from the Google Play Store because, through Google, you need to pay for the subscription. To avoid paid or ads-free Netflix, you need to download Netflix Mod APK files on your mobile and install them through APK files.


That is another of the best alternative apps for Pikashow. You will get an HD print of video content on that application. It’s a very user-friendly application and easy to use when you download that application. All the movies, web series, etc, are listed in the right category, which you can easily find. It will take less space than Pikashow or other alternative apps. It’s also not so famous, but it’s a trendy application nowadays.

To download or install the latest version of RTS TV, you need to download APK files, which you can easily find. After downloading the file, you can easily install it on your mobile phone. If you don’t know, you can first learn to install APK files on your mobile phone; after that, you can enjoy watching online movies through the RTS TV App, another good alternative app for Pikashow.

Foxi App:

Foxi App doesn’t have much content compared to Pikashow, but you can still watch movies online, live sports matches, and many other content. We always collect the best collection to give you quality content. Not all, but mostly don’t know about that application, but still, we are providing information about it because it’s best compared to others. So that is another best alternative app for Pikashow. You can install that application like that other one through APK files on your mobile phone.

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